Name- Brandon

Age- 16

Birthday- July 6th, 1995

Location- Minnesota

About Bluelizerd

Well i do like to do art via photo shop. I always say "harro /o/" when loggin on or seeing someone. I am real life friends with Matt/Jaha. My favorite type of music is "Hardcore/Hardstyle" but i generally enjoy listening to anything within 150-400 bpm(beats per minute). I am always wearing my mining helmet \o/. My other favorite game other than Transormice would be "League of Legends". Usally i dont talk much because i have nothing to say,
people think im shy but seriously i have nothing to say so why should i talk :3. I am a terrible speller. my all time favorite thing to type is ;~;. I am also 6ft. I normally wear contacts but glasses while in my house. I dont really have a favorite animal but i like lizards. I also am a fan of watching anime. favorite color is blue. Me and Matt always get into argurments over very stupid things everyday. Generally i see myself as being a nice person /o/.

How i Found Transformice

Matt. summer of 2010