This page will list all the available commands in Transformice.

For information and commands regarding our bot, visit Vroombot's page.

Generic commandsEdit

These commands can be input in any room and has no additional requirements. Please note that all of the commands are put in without the brackets [].


Command Result
/room [name or number]

Sends you to the room specified. If no room is specified,

you are sent to a random room.

/bootcamp [#]

Sends you to the Bootcamp room specified. If no room is specified,

you are sent to the default (1) Bootcamp room.

/vanilla [#]

Sends you to the Vanilla room specified. If no room is specified,

you are sent to the default (1) Vanilla room.

/editor Sends you to the Map Editor room, where you can create maps.
/totem Sends you to Map444, where you can create and edit your totem.

Mouse interactionEdit

/w or /c [message] Sends a private message to the user specified.
/silence Enables/disables private messages.
/t [message] Sends a message within your tribe.
/rt [username]

Invites specified user to your tribe (recruiting permissions are

required for your current tribe rank.

/mt Enables/disables tribe chat.
/friend [username] Adds the user specified to your Friends list.
/ban [username] Submits a request to ban the user specified.
/profile [username] Displays the profile for the user specified.


/cry Makes your mouse cry.
/dance Makes your mouse dance.
/laugh Makes your mouse laugh.
/kiss Makes your mouse blow a kiss.


/title [#]

Changes your mouse's title to the one specified by the number.

If no number is specified, all of your currently owned titles are displayed.

/scroll Locks your browser from scrolling.

Opens up a new browser window with the Transformice facebook page.

Awards 20 cheese on first use.

/music Enables/disables music (when available).
/font [font]

Changes the font of the chat from the default (Verdana) to an installed font.

If you choose an invalid font or no font, the chat will default to Times New Roman.

/^^ Displays debug information.

Tribe HouseEdit

These commands can only be used while in your Tribe House. Please note that some commands might require special tribe permissions.


Opens a dialogue window where you can put the direct link

to an MP3 file and play it while in your Tribe House.

/neige Activates snowfall and snowballs for a limited duration.
/np [@#] Changes the current map to the map specified.
/npp [@#] Queues the specified map to play after the current map.
/ch [username] Specifies the Shaman for the next map.
/sy [username] Specifies a synchronisator. (?)


These commands are for the Bootcamp+ rooms (bootcamp+ and *bootcamp+) and only work while in those specific rooms. Please note that you need to have private messages enabled in order for these commands to work properly.

.map or .pam [@#]

View the specified maps top records. If no map is specified,

the current maps records are displayed.

.stats [username]

View the specified users Bootcamp+ stats. If no user is

specified, your own stats are displayed.

.title [username]

View the specified users Bootcamp+ titles. If no user is

specified, your own titles are displayed.

.top View the top bootcampers in Bootcamp+.

Subscribes to personal live stats. Upon doing so, you will be greeted

when joining the room or loading a new map. Certain announcements

will be made when you beat a map for the first time or unlock a title.

.unsubscribe Unsubscribes to personal live stats.

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