Real Name- Matt

Loacation- Minneosta

Age- 16

Birthday- May 20th 1995

Gender- Male

About Matt

Matt is one of those people who only wear shorts, he has only wore a pair of jeans a couple of times. Matt really enjoys his Hockey. Matt also enjoys to play his call of duty on his xbox thing. Matts face is always red because he is a boss. He also enjoys his Bowling. Matt is real life friends with Bluelizerd or Brandon.

Finding Transformice

One day over skype this was in the summer of 2010 (oh the good times) Matt was watching a commentator who randomly put up a video of transformice and matt urgently told brandon about this game also. Matt then made Jaha, and Brandon Bluelizerd. Ever since that moment Brandon and Matt have been gathering cheese and being legit mice. Brandon was also the one who taught matt how to wall jump, matt was so impressed how brandon was all pro and that. But brandon slowly started leaving transformice, then matt brought up about how he was in a tribe (i believe this tribe was vroom or maybe automice not sure) and brandon was like can i come :c and after many days brandon was also accepted.

Random Facts about Matt

  • Matts favorite animal is a bird
  • Matts favorite color is black
  • Matt and brandon have been friends since elementary school
  • Brandon also broke one of matts windows (haha)
  • Matt is usally the one to introduce new games ect. to brandon
  • Matts favorite music is Korean based
  • Matt has a pet dog thats name is Rookie
  • Matt really wants to get a pet bird
  • Matt is also a noob
  • Matts favorite pokemon is Crobat
  • Matt likes to sleep A LOT
  • Matt has broke his ankle in front of brandons house (without brandon noticing)
  • Matts favorite pop is sunkist
  • Matt likes Taco Bell
  • Matt and brandon Always argue over something REALLY stupid everyday
  • Matt rages at call of duty
  • Matt was born in Chicago, Illanois but moved to Minnesota at a very young age like 8
  • Matt does not like taking pictures
  • Matt wears the same type of shoe but just gets a newer one of the same old one he had ._.
  • Matt wears glasses which make him look pro
  • Matt has a voice of a 30 year old black man (as told to him by people over xbox 360 live)
  • Matt use to play football in Junior High and Elementary School
  • Matt has a 52inch tv in his room
  • Matt was told that he should become a radio broadcaster
  • Matt has curly dark brown hair
  • Matt is 5'11
  • This is brandon typing all of these facts