Mapleferret on his birthday with a cake on his head.


Mapleferret sitting next to some bushes after he has eaten his birthday cake.

Mouse Name: Mapleferret

Nicknames: Mplfrt, Maple, Ferret, Ferretmaple, Fluffy

Real Name: Alec

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Birthday: July 16, 1995

Location: Missouri, United States

Stuff about MapleferretEdit

He likes to give nicknames to several members of VROOM because he loves everyone. But even if you don't have a nickname, he still loves you.

Mapleferret likes ferrets, and maple syrup. This is what his name is derived from, although "maple" can also refer to the tree or the leaf.

Mapleferret is often very sarcastic. He doesn't have much to do off of the internet, so he spends a lot of time on Transformice.


Mapleferret getting all wet in the fountain.





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