• VROOM (verb, noun, adjective) To be stuck in an animation lock and fly merrily along the map, trolling the shaman and amazing other mice. VROOM'ing on command is an ancient brazilian secret that is passed down through the tribe.
  • t The best letter. Was replaced for a while with @kevin.
  • gjgjgjgjgjgj Giraffe jump. It is said to congratulate a person when they do something amazing.
  • tytytytyty Tortoise yolks. Said to show gratitude.
  • wbwbwb Said when people return from being offline for a while. Spam them with this to make them feel good.
  • "What color bra are you wearing?" Ask to find out somebody's gender. Does not work on Yams.
  • opti'd Said when someone leaves before anybody has the chance to say bye. Named after Optimousep Pawpaw.
  • ~~~~~ A series of tildes. The signature phrase of Mootlesrofl.
  • butts The rump. Sometimes used in similar situations to t (see above.)
  • cj it Cattle jump it. A tutorial is here.
  • hue Signifies laughter. The more "hue"'s there are, the greater the laughter.
  • my hert is cry Said when one is feeling extreme sadness. Give them Lots Of Love (also known as LOL) to make them feel better.
  • qt Quantum tea. Generally used as a term of affection.
  • cucu Often used as a substitute for giraffe jump. Just don't say it to a br or else they will become confuzzled.
  • nasa/nasa'd When one person is about to get first and you come out of nowhere and get it before them. Usually within the time frame of one or two seconds.
  • \o/, /o\, \o and o/ Signifies baby bunnies and their ears. Usually used as a form of triumph, despair or greeting. 
  • welp Used to replace well or to signify a state of distress/surprise/awkwardness. A call for help among fellow VROOMers. 
  • faget The mating call of the wild Yam.
  • inb4 Stands for "Intelligent noodles baking 4evr". It is a term used by psychics, such as the Amazing Bestiehues and Mystifying Reinedear, to let others know that they are predicting the future. 
  • A++ You're doing a great job, keep it up. 
  • Reine/10  You did so bad not even negative numbers can tell you how horrible it is. 

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