Willy the penguin totem

Willy the Penguin

Willy the penguin was not Reinecerise's first attempt, nor her last, at an animal totem. But he was, by far, the best and most 'useful'. As you can see Willy, also known as Wall-E, is the well loved pet of every survivor room Reine joins. People have affectionately called him many names, and some have called him not so afectionate names out of anger, but no matter what hes always turning heads.

Some of WIlly's talents include spazzing out, jumping all over the place, waving his arms, and his signature move, cartwheeling. Matter of fact Willy likes to do the latter so much that he has been playfully dubbed "The Cartwheeling Penguin" by his owner, Reine.

However, while Willy is a great help to his master when it comes to survivor (when hes not killing her, that is), he admits that he has an ulterior motive behind it all. He just wants Nelly to notice him, he thinks shes the most beautiful animal totem he has ever seen and would love for her to be his girl.