Current look of Woodis

Mouse name: Woodis

Real name: Jonas

Location: Sweden

Gender: Male

Birthday: July 3rd, 1985

Age: 27

About WoodisEdit

He's just your average, unemployed slob from Sweden who has too much free time on his hands. His education is that of a truck driver but the jobs hasn't exactly been flying his way. He's one of the oldest members of VROOM, and that makes him awesome.

History with TransformiceEdit

He found the game on Kongregate where he tried a few maps with a guest account on June 7th, 2011. He quickly realized that with a guest account he would not be able to keep any of the gathered cheese so he registered after 15 mins or so. The first room he entered happened to be room 12 and the mice there seemed nice enough so he just kept going there.

He befriended a nice mouse by the name of Grizzley there and she taught him how to wall-jump. They even made a tribe for a short time but she soon left for another tribe.

History with VROOMEdit

He had come into contact with VROOM on day 1, though he did not realize that at the time. Some of the mice in room 12 just seemed nicer and more pro than others, and as it turned out all of them were VROOMs. Some saw his helplessness and even tried to give him a few tips and pointers along the way.

He got asked by Studmuffin out-of-the-blue one day if he wanted to join VROOM, and he answered yes. That was it for a time, but he didn't dare to ask about it on account of:

a) Being declined for nagging;

b) Wasn't honestly being offered a spot in the first place, and the joke would be on him.

Was very happy when he logged on one day and an invite to VROOM greeted him. Was even happier when he realized that all of the nice mice from room 12 were already in the tribe.

Left VROOM on August 12th, 2012.

Current statusEdit

He's having problems with his computer mouse at the moment that renders his scroll wheel unusable, so his shaman skills might be more sketchy than usual.

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